30 Poems in 30 Days

30 Poems in 30 Days
A Project for National Poetry Writing Month

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14 Questions

What Price Bananas?

Albino tarantulas in Fulton, Kentucky?
The crawlies crawled out from the banana train 
boxcars and made for the bars downtown?
An urban legend? 
A point of pride?
Your podunk town, arrived?

The world's largest banana pudding. There.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 13 Kennings

spring you mighty eye-boiler
cough-maker, breath-stealer
nose-stuffer, oh, pretty 
enough in your frills and blooms  
that moody sky of yours
those softening nights

you are relentless
til you go and
I won't miss you then

Day 12 The Replacement Word

Wonder Rabbit

There are several species of wonder, but the eastern wonder
is the most common. Active and wide ranging, wonders need
more than a cage to be happy.  Domestic wonders
make good pets, but wild wonders do not tend to survive
in captivity.

The breeding season for wonders begins in February
and can continue throughout the summer.

Wonders thrive on fresh vegetables but can survive
on kibble if necessary.

Our products have not been tested on wonder. 
We are cruelty free.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 11 Anacreontic

A poem walks into a bar.
Of course it drinks too much wine.
It's a poem. Of course it falls in love
with the most beautiful, unattainable woman,
or man, or both, and scrawls itself
onto a cocktail napkin, slips under
her/his glass. Of course she/he
lifts the glass and never sees.
The beauty leaves with the lout
and the poem, the poem says so.

Day 10 Advertisement

Emily Dickinson, one of the greatest American poets, wrote approximately 1,800 distinct poems within 2,357 poem drafts and at least 1,150 letters and prose fragments -- a total of 3,507 pieces before her death at the age of fifty-five. On the triangular flap of the envelope seal A 252, we find this fleeting message inscribed in the lines winnowing down to a single word at the tip: 'In this short Life/that only [merely] lasts an hour/How much--how/little--is/within our/power.'  --by Jen Bervin, "Studies in Scale" Poetry Magazine, November 2013.

You want to write some poetry?
Get all up in some Emily.

Day 9 Playlist

The Mind is the First Thing to Go

Seventeen million hours riding in cars
with boys, my whole hyperbolic life,
and I can't think of one damn song
I wanna hear?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 8 Riff

Badass Baedeker

mina loy got the devil in her
silver powder
horned plenty

by french doors

finely robed nights
lay waiting to ride
under the hudson

carnival boulevards
in dotted streetlights 
and jasmined mists

electric weather and white lightning
tidal pools and "one night only"
slash the city's shroud

from the uptown outer reaches
the debutantes and astronomers
name radio towers

and finally carriage horses stomp 
dull tunes in the flowery faces
of downtown's many, many moons