30 Poems in 30 Days

30 Poems in 30 Days
A Project for National Poetry Writing Month

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 18 Not a Lullaby

The prompt today was to write a lullaby, but I ended up with a dream/nightmare fragment instead.

Just Before Waking

And there he was on a hot bike, a loud bike, a blue and gold bike
striking out for the hinterlands, eternal winterlands, 24/7 sun.

Done, you’re done, worse than well, and no, you can’t come
son. That country eats up little ones; it’s packed with wolves

love, so stay here with your meditations in the tall grass
passing up another chance at spectacular demise.

Spies are anywhere, I’m telling ya, even so-called here
appearing nightly, looking like a younger version of you.